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Gigya is consumer identify leader, finds KuppingerCole

Gigya, Ping Identity, Salesforce, ForgeRock are the current leaders in the consumer identity and access management market, according to a report by KuppingerCole

Gigya is the current overall leader among the top suppliers of consumer identity and access management (Ciam) systems, according to a report by analyst firm KuppingerCole.

The Ciam Leadership Compass report is based on surveys of 12 suppliers “that have the most to offer at this time” and interviews with active customers to evaluate products on a range of criteria under user experience, security and privacy and marketing utilities, according to John Tolbert, senior analyst at KuppingerCole and author of the report.

“While these ratings help guide purchase decisions, it is important to read all the detail behind the ratings and to think about what your organisation’s specific needs are for a Ciam system. Although most products have the same basic features and capabilities, there are a lot of differences in them in terms of focus and implementation,” he told the Consumer Identity Summit in Paris.

A growing number of companies consider Ciam as key to getting to know their customers better as a way of providing improved services and customer experiences, as well as comply with new regulations aimed at protecting consumer data.

“Ciam complements customer relationship management [CRM] and typically involved collecting information directly from consumers and building a more comprehensive picture of each consumer transaction by transaction,” said Tolbert.

Under user experience, the survey looked at registration facilities, authentication methods, integration with brands, single sign-on across websites and consent management.

The key criteria for security and privacy included fraud detection capabilities such as user behaviour profiling and integration with third-party threat intelligence sources, privacy management facilities such as fine-grained consent mechanisms and the ability to export or delete customer data, and security administration tools as well as strong authentication and authorisation for consumers.

The EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which becomes enforceable by law on 25 May 2018, will require organisations processing personal data of European Union (EU) citizens to be able to prove that they have explicit and unambiguous consent to collect data for specific purposes.

The GDPR includes consumers’ right to erasure, also known as the right to be forgotten, and the right to personal data portability from one service provider to another. To comply with the GDPR, service providers will therefore need to be able to demonstrate that they have the necessary systems in place.

Leaders and followers

Under marketing, the survey looked at identity analytics capabilities such as monitoring and reporting for logins, locations, password resets and profile edits. It also looked at marketing analytics, including the types of data collected, reporting capabilities and integration with third-party marketing and automation systems.  

In terms of product offerings, Gigya emerged as the leader, closely followed by iWelcome, Ping Identity and Salesforce. The top challengers are JanRain, ForgeRock and IBM, followed by LoginRadius, SecureAuth, Okta and Microsoft, while SAP falls into the “follower” category.

Gigya once again emerged as the market leader but, due to their size, is closely by Microsoft, IBM and Salesforce. Challengers in market leadership are Ping Identity, ForgeRock, SAP, JanRain, Okta, SecureAuth and LoginRadius, while iWelcome falls into the “follower” category.

“Although Microsoft is a fairly recent entrant to the market, out of the gate they have extremely large customers, which is one of the key factors to determining market leadership, along with the number of customers, and the number of consumers using the products,” said Tolbert.

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In terms of innovation, however, iWelcome moves up to top leadership position, followed by Gigya. Top challengers are ForgeRock, PingIdentity and SalesForce, followed by JanRain, IBM and Okta. Followers are LoginRadius, Microsoft, SecureAuth and SAP.

“We look at innovation as a key differentiator, and leadership ranking is based on questions about roadmaps and support for important technologies and standards that are important today and will be even more important tomorrow,” said Tolbert.

Gigya’s consistently high scores ensured its overall leadership position, with the top challengers being Ping Identity, Salesforce, ForgeRock, IBM, iWelcome and JanRain, followed by Okta, Microsoft, and LoginRadius. SecureAuth and SAP fell into the “followers” category.

“Again, it is important to look at all the detail behind the rankings because there are multiple ways to look at the information [provided by the suppliers],” said Tolbert.

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