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HMRC weighs up desktop services and cloud collaboration

HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) is considering tendering for managed desktop services and an integrated cloud-based system, worth up to £215m

HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) has issued two prior information notices worth a total of £215m.

HMRC is looking for management and support for user devices worth £200m, as well as an integrated cloud-based collaboration system worth £15m.

The larger of the two contracts includes the build, deployment, maintenance and support of user devices such as Blackberries, videoconference equipment and managed desktop services. It also includes an optional support of “managed printing and application printing services”.

The contract covers a series of commodity services such as management and support of user devices, application packaging and deployment, administrative infrastructure, remote access, application performance monitoring and virtual desktops, but also includes some requirements bespoke to HMRC, the prior information notice said.

As part of HMRC’s IT strategy, the department plans to transform its IT estate by taking a platform approach, moving to virtual infrastructure and cloud-based services.

With a complex IT estate comprising nearly 600 different IT applications, it wants to re-engineer what it has so most of its IT applications run on virtualised infrastructure environments, with as much as possible hosted on commodity cloud services.

In the second contract worth £15m, HMRC is looking for an integrated, cloud-based productivity and collaboration system, which should include functionality such as integration with Blackberry services, email, calendar, video conferencing, instant messaging, document sharing and co-editing and office productivity and document storage.

“Transitioning to a cloud-based solution is expected to yield material commercial benefits, the adoption of which will simplify the existing desktop environment,” the prior information notice said.

“It is also expected to transform working practices helping to improve current processes.”

In 2015, HMRC awarded a contract to Bain & Company to help the department move away from its £800m-a-year outsourcing contract with Aspire. HMRC aims to save £200m a year by scrapping the contract when it expires in June 2017.

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