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London Leadership College to open in September 2015

Sixth form college to cut ribbon on first intake of students to be taught by IBM, Deloitte, Capgemini and others

Sixth form students at an east London school will have the chance to learn about leadership skills and starting their own business, as the London Leadership College cuts the ribbon for its first intake in September 2015.

In partnership with the Aspirations Academies Trust and the Powerlist Foundation, the school has been launched to provide young people with the skills needed to apply for the thousands of jobs available that currently lack a pool of candidates.

By working with partners such as Deloitte, Capgemini and IBM, students will receive lessons and mentoring on how to set up and run their own business. The school, which will open in Aldgate, is also looking to include a business incubator to support students that want to start their own companies.

Phil Walker, founder of consultancy firm Summerswood and one of the founders of the London Leadership College, recently spoke to Computer Weekly about the project. He also chairs the Powerlist Foundation Education Committee, which supports a number of disadvantaged London school children.

“I started to work with the Powerlist Foundation first and I realised that it enabled young people to think, ‘Hey, this person looks like me and they're doing well for themselves’. This is what this school aims to do by putting the students in front of role models," said Walker.

“It is a school in leadership for bright sixth formers. We have the task of helping the next generation of leaders. In addition to your usual A-levels, you learn about project management, how to give a presentation and much more. It is unique for London.”

As part of the London Leadership College’s A-level programme, students take three subjects and follow the Leadership Incubator Programme (LIP) to complete an Extended Project Qualification.

The LIP runs all year and is divided up into cycles of six weeks, each focusing on one core competence per week. LIP is delivered one day a week and each competency will be repeated six times over the two-year A-level course.

Walker said that Oxford and Cambridge universities helped with the school’s curriculum.

It is currently recruiting teachers and students, and has only 100 places available for pupils. “The school has a great headteacher and deputy headteacher. We are interviewing the students before they are offered a place, and they need to show aptitude and drive for what they want to do," said Walker.

“We're looking for a diverse group of students so you can be from a tough upbringing – it doesn't matter who your parents are or where you come from, we are keen to help.”

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