Infor launches Dynamic Science Labs

Infor launches Dynamic Science Labs organisation at its customer event in New Orleans

Infor has launched a Dynamic Science Labs organisation at its customer event in New Orleans. The Labs organisation will focus on machine-learning and big data analytics, incorporating them into Infor applications, which, said the company, will anticipate problems, respond with solutions, uncover opportunities and recommend next steps.

The supplier’s president, Duncan Angove (pictured), said: “Harnessing big data today is a luxury, but it will soon be a business imperative for companies to remain competitive, and this transformation will happen quickly. 

"Infor recognises that most companies are unable to afford the hardware and operations research personnel to take advantage of their data, so Infor Dynamic Science Labs builds machine-learning directly into our cloud applications and makes it available as part of customers’ subscriptions.” 

The supplier drew a comparison with its Hook & Loop design agency. Infor Dynamic Science Labs will operate as data science department, and will build on such applications as its revenue management system, which, Info says, optimises 350,000 hotel rooms each day – and its talent science application that has conducted behavioural assessments for 11% of the US workforce.

Ziad Nejmeldeen, who holds a PhD from The Massachusetts Institute of Technology, will lead the labs. The labs will be based locally in the Kendall Square neighbourhood in Cambridge, Masshachusetts.

Cloud financials

The company has also announced its CloudSuite Financials service, a new financial management application built for the cloud.

“Financial management applications are not sufficient for today’s finance professional; even those considered to be modern are merely version 2.0 of first-generation financial management – the industry needs a functional change," said Angove.

"Infor CloudSuite Financials will eliminate the need for multiple bolt-on applications, creating the first single suite that automates the contemporary functions of finance.”

Infor CloudSuite Financials is scheduled for release next year.

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