BT pledges hiring push for graduates and apprentices

The telecoms giant will be seeking top science, technology and business graduates, as well as school leavers and out of work youngsters in this government approved recruitment drive

BT today announced plans to hire thousands of new employees through a mixture of graduate and apprenticeship schemes.

The telecoms giant is searching for 300 science, technology and business graduates, specifically to join its research and development division with hope of boosting future innovations. They will work on projects linked to Big Data, the future of broadcasting and wireless technologies, the Internet of Things and developments in high speed fibre networks.

The company is also seeking 730 school and college leavers to take on apprenticeships in areas such as engineering, software design, IT support, finance and logistics, as well as research. BT confirmed an apprenticeship scheme specifically focused on new digital media technology such as web development, digital networks, digital TV and digital media distribution.

Besides these new roles, BT also pledged its support to the ‘Movement to Work’ industry initiative, to try and help unemployed youngsters across the UK, promising up to 1,500 vocational training and work experience placements over the next 18 months.

The plans received the backing of the government, with the Secretary of State for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS), Vince Cable, saying: “It’s good news that BT are delivering even more high-quality apprenticeships and graduate jobs. Hundreds more people will now be able to get the skills they need to get on and help support sustainable economic growth.”

“I would encourage all employers to follow the lead of firms like BT and recognise the value and dynamism apprentices can offer businesses of all sizes.”

Most of the roles will be based at BT’s research campus at Adastral Park near Ipswich, but there will also be opportunities elsewhere in the UK to train to become an Openreach engineer or work in finance, customer service and business development.

Gavin Patterson, CEO of BT, said: “This is a tough time in the job market, with almost a million young people across the UK struggling to find work. Every company needs to play its part in ensuring that Britain’s future workforce isn’t impaired by long-term unemployment.”

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