Insurance IT firm SSP puts SAP SuccessFactors in place to streamline recruitment

Insurance software and IT services firm SSP implements SAP’s SuccessFactors to improve its recruitment and skills development

Insurance software and IT services firm SSP has implemented SAP’s SuccessFactors to improve its recruitment and skills development.

Clare Bates, HR and transformation director at SSP, described the firm’s engagement with SAP as cementing a process of tying SSP together that has its origins in the 2008 acquisition of Sirius, a similar-sized competitor.

SSP supplies software and services to insurance and financial services organisations. It has decided to implement cloud-based HR software from SuccessFactors and SAP Jam, the enterprise software supplier’s social collaboration tool. This replaced a proposed intranet, based on Sharepoint.

Bates said SSP had previously used standalone systems which had largely relied on recruitment agencies. Business growth meant the firm needed Java developers to work on the specific system implementations required, mainly, in the insurance sector. 

“It is a difficult market for good quality people, with competing firms fishing in the same small pond,” she said.

SSP employs 700 people, with UK offices in Halifax, Guildford, and Solihull.

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Bates said: “To execute our growth strategy as a company, we needed to improve the sharing of knowledge within the company; grow our talent base and utilise technology to help us maximise the potential of our workforce. SuccessFactors is playing a key part in helping us do this.”

SuccessFactors worked with Aasonn, a consulting firm to implement the performance and goals aspects of the software suite, in April 2013. 

The system enabled managers to set annual objectives, speeding up talent management processes, while focusing the whole organisation on the same targets, she said. SSP had also changed its recruitment process to minimise manual tasks and maximise strategic involvement by the HR team.

Bates added: “SAP Jam lets us skip the intranet phase and go straight to social collaboration as our mode of communication. 

"That will help us remove barriers between people and share knowledge freely as we continue to expand our operations around the globe.”

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