VMworld 2013: VMware delivers hybrid cloud in the UK

VMware has built a hybrid cloud service in Europe available to UK customers who want to bridge private and public services

VMware has built a hybrid cloud service in Europe, which it will make available to UK customers through an early adopter programme.

The service VMware vCloud Hybrid Service is  built on VMware vSphere.

The company claims the service will enable customers to extend the same applications, networking, management, operations and tools across on-premises and off-premises environments.

In his keynote presentation at VMworld Europe 2013, CEO Pat Gelsinger said: "The hybrid cloud is an extension of the enterprise datacentre and is an extension of customers' existing infrastructure, with a common view of the network."

Commenting on the US version, which was unveiled in August he said: "We have 100 customers in the early access programme."

He claimed VMware's unique selling point is that it can offer both private and hybrid clouds based on the same infrastructure.

Gelsinger said the VMware hybrid cloud provides a unique way to meet the needs of IT, linking seamlessly between on and off premise services. "We see this as the IT cloud without compromise."

While it currently operates four datacentres to support the hybrid service, he claimed VMware would grow its datacentre footprint. VMware would also work with partner suppliers to offer services based on VMware Hybrid Cloud service.

In the US, motorcycle manufacturer Harley Davidson is using the VMware hybrid cloud to support its dealership systems.

The long-term vision is that end users would be able to provide any virtual IT equipment or application from a single service catalogue.

"Users expect to go to an enterprise app store, which provides on demand access to any IT equipment, including all services."

Harley Davidson is using the VMware hybrid cloud to support its dealership systems

Bill Fathers, senior vice president of hybrid cloud at VMware said the hybrid cloud offering was needed to support the current way IT deploys cloud services. "For the next five years the majority of companies will have on-premise and new applications will be put in public cloud.

"The UK represents one of the largest IT markets in Europe, and VMware is committed to providing customers with a local, in-country public cloud which will enable them to extend their current data centers and deploy new cloud-native applications," he added.

Fathers said the vCloud Hybrid Service would enable customers to run full disaster recovery with auto failback.

The VMware vCloud Hybrid Service will also support EU Data protection regulations and offer 3500 prequalified applications. The service will initially be available from a UK datacentre in Slough. It will be available in  beta starting in November.


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