IT pros overworked but reaping the career benefits, survey finds

Tech professionals are overworked but their careers are benefiting as a result of heavier workloads, research has found

UK technology professionals are working harder this year than last, with their careers benefiting as a result of doing the job of more than one person, research from Randstad Technologies has found.

The recruiter surveyed 2,000 British employees in businesses of all sizes, finding that 49% of technology employees claim to be working harder this year than 12 months ago. The national average is 43%.

According to the research, technology employees have experienced the biggest increase in workloads in the past year, with 54% claiming to have had an increase. However, 27% of technology professionals say their heavy workloads have helped them to gain a promotion, with 21% saying it secured them a pay rise.

Overall, 65% of technology workers believe having a heavier workload has benefited their career – the UK average is 47%.

Mike Beresford, managing director of Randstad Technologies, said: “There is little doubt people in the technology sector are working harder than ever. Spread-thin Britain is being stretched even thinner.

“Up until recently, firms were reluctant to take on staff because they were concerned the nascent economic recovery could be easily derailed. As a result, existing staff have taken on increasingly large workloads, particularly as the recovery has gained momentum and demand has increased.”

The research found social care workers are the hardest worked employees in the UK, with 54% saying they work hard and cannot work any harder. The legal sector came in second place for the second most stretched workers (49%) with healthcare professionals not far behind (47%).

“The downturn has been a progression recession, spawning a new breed of ‘super-worker’ that grafts extremely hard and has flown up the career ladder as a result. It has left the labour market – and the whole tech industry – in good shape,” said Beresford.

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