CSC tells redundant staff to train their replacements

IT services firm CSC has been slammed by union Unite for making redundant staff train the offshore workers who will replace them

IT services firm CSC has been slammed by the union representing its workers for making redundant staff train the offshore workers who will replace them.

As part of its UK restructuring plan, 750 jobs are being cut, with 200 roles being sent offshore to India and the Czech Republic.

Union Unite said the staff it represents are furious about being expected to transfer knowledge to the offshore staff replacing them. 

"Workers who are paying the ultimate price of their jobs will be expected to help make themselves redundant by training others,” said Unite national officer Ian Tonks.

The union said CSC has $2bn in cash but is still not properly compensating staff that are made redundant. "This is totally unacceptable and the union is demanding that CSC negotiates a proper package for workers that recognises their contribution and loyalty. The company must also do everything to keep compulsory redundancies to an absolute minimum," said Tonks.

Using UK staff to train offshore replacements is not new. Computer Weekly wrote about the practice in 2009, when IT contractors spoke of their experiences.

The wider economic downturn and problems with CSC's £2bn contract to supply patient systems to the NHS put pressure on the company in the UK. As a result it cut 1,100 jobs from its wider business of about 7,500 people last year and has embarked on its own cost-cutting restructure.

CSC said: "A small number of CSC's UK employees are supporting the knowledge transfer for specific roles moving to other CSC locations, and they are being additionally compensated."  





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