Nottingham targets troubled families with data analysis

Nottingham County Council cuts the time to identify troubled families, from two weeks to two hours, with a data matching tool

Nottingham County Council has cut the time it takes to identify troubled families from two weeks to two hours using a data matching tool. 

Nottingham County Council is using Infoshare – which builds a single views of people, organisations and locations – to execute the recent government Troubled Families programme. 

Under this legislation – which came into effect in 2011 – councils identify families struggling to cope and find new ways to work with them in the future. It is hoped early intervention will save councils millions of pounds in the long term.

Previously the complexity of matching information from varied sources was  time-consuming and included complicated family dynamics.

Nottingham County Council selected Infoshare’s ClearCore product to automate matching across multiple agency data sources from the police, youth offending service, health, probation service, education and antisocial behaviour registers. The linked information provides increased detection of troubled families, resulting in greater access to additional government funds to support them. 

The product was developed for £10,000 and was 25% cheaper than the nearest options. There are currently funds in place to help 1,560 troubled families with early intervention schemes. So far the council has identified 919.

Suzanne Littlehales, who works on the council's strategic analytics team, said the product has saved a huge amount of time. "It doesn't matter what format you upload the information into the product with, which makes the process much easier," she said. 

The project involves linking up different datasets – such as about children not attending school – to work out which families require support.

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