Green Grid highlights crucial role of datacentre facility operator

A datacentre facility operator should be involved throughout IT lifecycle to optimise energy efficiency and minimise complications

Datacentre facility operators should be involved right from the start of the datacentre development process.

Traditionally, datacentre operators are brought in at a later stage of a datacentre’s lifecycle, but to optimise IT energy efficiency and minimise infrastructure complications they must be involved during the planning and design phase, according to The Green Grid.

The global consortium dedicated to advancing resource efficiency in datacentres has created a whitepaper which emphasises the importance of involving the facility operator at the early and more critical stages of a datacentre's lifecycle.

Organisations must think strategically about every stage of their datacentre lifecycle and minimise the risk of complications in the later stages if they want to optimise their green IT strategy, according to the Green Grid.

But most enterprises have a datacentre development team for the planning and design tasks. This team selects the site and designs the critical infrastructure systems within a datacentre, and the facility operators are involved later on just for the day-to-day management of the datacentre.

To ensure that the IT systems work efficiently, it is crucial for a facility operator to be involved in the datacentre planning and design stages, so that they have all the background knowledge to be able to do this effectively, according to the Green Grid whitepaper.

Adopting a more efficient model for facility operations can help organisations secure a more sustainable and energy-efficient future, said Lex Coors, advisory council and technical committee member at the Green Grid.

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