Capgemini creates 500 jobs in Scotland

Capgemini is creating up to 500 high-tech jobs in the Scottish Highlands in plans to make Inverness a global centre for IT

Capgemini is creating up to 500 high-tech jobs in the Scottish Highlands as part of its plan to make Inverness a centre for advanced IT.

The French IT services firm’s UK operation is looking for graduates and school leavers, with all subjects, to join its Highland Apprenticeship Programme, which is supported by the Scottish government

Capgemini will also engage with undergraduates interested in a career in IT.

The plan will double Capgemini’s workforce in the Highlands to 1,000.

Alex Salmond, first minister of Scotland, said: “This is a ringing endorsement of Scotland’s international reputation for intelligence, innovation, drive and industry.

“This is a very significant investment by a leading multinational employer and marks a strengthening of its already impressive commitment to Scotland.”

Highlands and Islands Enterprise and Regional Selective Assistance (RSA) are providing Capgemini with over £5m in financial help, including for training assistance.

Capgemini plans to offer a wide range of IT support, development and service capabilities from Inverness, establishing it as a global centre for the company's multinational client base. 

Capgemini wants Inverness to serve as a delivery option for UK and overseas clients seeking a European alternative to destinations such as India.

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These 'new' jobs are just low cost versions of existing roles being moved up from other parts of the countries seeing many people lose their job, the government are funding Capgemini to make more profit, out of other government contracts amongst others. Nothing but a mutual back scratching session tarted up as propaganda.