Tata goes trackside with Mercedes F1

Mercedes AMG Petronas signs a deal with Tata Communications to provide connectivity to the famous Formula One racing team

Mercedes AMG Petronas has signed a deal with Tata Communications which will see the firm provide connectivity to the famous Formula One racing team.

Tata already serves the management team behind Formula One racing, having won the contract to connect each of the 20 racing venues up to its global fibre network just over a year ago.

Now, it is bringing its expertise trackside to deliver high speed connectivity to the Mercedes pit.

Formula One teams need to send data collected by hundreds of sensors placed on their cars back to their main offices for analysing, in turn giving insight into how the car is running and showing what improvements can be made to make it perform better.

By linking the garage on race weekends to the team’s headquarters back in Brackley, Tata has sped up the transfer of real-time data from the race cars to the supercomputer by three times, enabling specialists to analyse data and make corrections in record time.

“Formula One relies on data and the ability to transfer our data from the track back to our factories in Brackley and Brixworth quickly and securely,” said Ross Brawn, team principal at Mercedes. “The Tata Communications global network will play a key role in the team’s performance and our ability to react over the race weekends.”

Mehul Kapadia, managing director of the F1 business at Tata Communications, added: “The modification and improvement of car set-up and handling is a constant during the race season, and being able to share richer data and to report issues back from trackside to the factory in real-time provides a competitive edge in car performance, both in speed and also in handling and stability.”

“Providing three times faster connectivity means that the team has access to secure and agile trackside connectivity, regardless of race location.”

Last March, Tata announced the completion of the world’s first fibre network ring that circled the globe, allowing traffic to travel either east or west and circumvent any failures, increasing uptime for businesses.

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