Welsh government launches education portal for parents

A website containing information about every school in Wales has been launched by the Welsh government

The Welsh government has unveiled a website for parents and guardians to view statistical data on every school in Wales.

The portal called mylocalschool.wales.gov.uk includes thousands of pieces of data about each school in the region.

Information includes school populations, type of school, amount of staff, expenditure per school and links to Estyn reports.

The site also includes performance information at foundation level, Key Stage 2 and 3, GCSE and A Level. Information on banding and banding indicators are also available.

Education minister Leighton Andrews said:We know that Welsh parents want to know how local schools are performing. Data of this kind is becoming more readily available. The site gives parents a clearer picture of how schools across Wales are performing.”

According to Leighton the improvement of openness and transparency of school statistics will allow parents to have more informed discussions about raising standards in schools.

“We want to encourage parents to engage in the school improvement debate and so we are providing them with the information to do so,” he added.

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