Nokia Siemens Networks offers ‘smooth migration to LTE’

Nokia Siemens Networks (NSN) has launched its new Flexi Multiradio CDMA base station to help operators save costs in moving to Long Term Evolution (LTE)

With the move to faster mobile networks increasingly close, Nokia Siemens Networks (NSN) has launched its new Flexi Multiradio CDMA base station to help operators save costs in moving to Long Term Evolution (LTE).

The base station, used by mobile operators to connect their networks with mobile devices, is a costly piece of kit for most companies and with the migration to LTE networks – also known as 4G – many are looking to upgrade with cost at the front of their minds.   

NSN claims its new release gives a significant reduction to total cost of ownership, with a 70% cut in operating costs. This comes from shrinking the physical size of the base station, which means it takes up less space – so lower rental costs – requires less power and cooling, and is easier to set up, meaning less staff are needed to deploy and maintain the product.

“To achieve this, we have invested significant R&D resources to create flexible future options for CDMA operators, including multi-technology capabilities,” said Scott Mottonen, head of the CDMA/LTE business at NSN.

This "multi-technology" means the base station is compatible with many existing products in the CDMA’s arsenal, allowing for the base station to slot in alongside existing hardware, making the operator ready for LTE/4G without disrupting its standard networks. NSN also claims it gives the base station more longevity, as it is flexible to work with any replacement products that come in or any scale-out of the CDMA operation.

The base station will work on 800MHz – one of the spectrum bands the UK will use for 4G networks – and 1900MHz frequencies, but NSN said it could add more depending on what the markets in different locations need.

The company also provides services for the design, deployment and maintenance of the base station, if customers want to use NSN for set-up and management.     

The official launch will be at the International CTIA Wireless Conference in New Orleans next week, but organisations won’t be able to get a commercial version of the Flexi Multiradio CDMA base station until the end of 2012.

The launch comes at a time when 4G is the hot topic in the UK. This week, Everything Everywhere, the UK operator formed out of Orange and T-Mobile, launched a new campaign to urge government to speed up the move to faster mobile networks.

4GBritain has won the backing of campaign groups such as The Countryside Alliance, along with Virgin Media, and has even had Stephen Fry tweeting his support throughout the week.

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