Eleven-year-old twins pass ICT A-level

Eleven-year-old twins from East London, Paula and Peter Imafidon, were among the youngest students to pass A-level ICT examinations this year.

Eleven-year-old twins from East London were among the youngest students to pass A-level ICT examinations.

The twins, Paula and Peter Imafidon, were awarded grade Es after studying at the Wilson Foundation "Excellence in Education" programme.

Both children had already passed GCSE Maths at the age of 6, AS Maths at 7 and IT GCSE aged 9.

Other members of the Imafidon family have had similar successes. The twin's sister, Samantha, aged 13, passed A-level ICT with a grade D last week.

And AnnMarie Imafidon, aged 20, became one of the youngest students to receive a double masters degree in Maths and Computer Science at Oxford University last month.

"We are very proud of all our children and their achievements," said father Chris Imafidon. "Everyone can achieve regardless of postcode, age, creed or race."

The Excellence in Education programme is a non-profit programme that works with charities, schools, and other organisations to help to develop children from disadvantaged backgrounds.

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