Travis Perkins replaces paper with real-time technology to speed up customer deliveries

Building and construction supplier, Travis Perkins Group, has deployed Jade's mobility software platform, Jump, to speed up deliveries of building materials to customers.

Building and construction supplier, Travis Perkins Group, has deployed Jade's mobility software platform, Jump, to speed up deliveries of building materials to customers.

The Commercial Ceiling Factors (CCF) supplier division of Travis Perkins Group uses Jade's software to provide customers with real-time delivery details as well as geo-tagged electronic proof of delivery (PoD).

Carolyn Brown, CIO at Travis Perkins Group, said the platform replaced the department's time-consuming paper-based delivery process. Drivers previously had to collect handwritten delivery notes that were matched to orders on return to the office.

Jade also supplied and configured Motorola MC75 rugged mobile computers and Intermec PB51 mobile printers for CCF delivery lorries.

Carolyn Brown said the Jump platform and toolkit allows the in-house development team to maintain control compared to a third-party supplied bespoke offerings. Jade's development team built an application on the Jump platform to handle delivery shortages, product damage and altered deliveries.

"The application also supports capture of the delivery, generation of an electronic proof of delivery, attachment of photos, as well as integration with telephony and GPS. All this activity is linked back to the group back office systems in real-time," said Brown.

She said integrating the Jump platform with the company's core branch point-of-sale (POS) system was key to the project's success.

"It means that CCF colleagues in the branch continue to operate in the environment that they are used to. Drivers quickly got used to using the Motorola MC75 rugged mobile computers too," she said.

"By replacing a paper based vehicle check process with an application on the mobile device we have improved efficiency, accuracy and reduced risk," she said.

Kieran Griffin, managing director, CCF, said it was crucial that the software integrated with the company's existing IT infrastructure. The deployment has also made delivery drivers more efficient by reducing paper handling times. "Our delivery drivers have the latest delivery technology software running on their hand held mobile computers. They have seen a number of their daily paper tasks disappear, making them more efficient and their jobs more rewarding and satisfying."

Travis Perkins Group is now considering rolling out the Jade software to other divisions in the company.

"The core solution will remain the same, however, the Jump software platform will allow us to tailor it as necessary to accommodate the specific mobility requirements of our various businesses," said Griffin.


How drivers use Jade's Jump platform to make deliveries

  1. Driver collects a Motorola mobile computer and Intermec printer in the morning. After logging to Jade's Jump, the drivers are allocated a delivery vehicle
  2. An application written by Jade and based on the Jump platform prompts the drivers to complete vehicle checks and verify loads
  3. Via integration with ALK CoPilot navigation software, a planned delivery route is presented to the driver in order of drop-offs
  4. As the driver selects each delivery, special delivery instructions are displayed
  5. The driver confirms arrival, unloading process and completed delivery using the mobile devices
  6. An electronic signature is obtained from the customer, which is transmitted to CCF's back-office systems to provide immediate delivery confirmation to customers
  7. Orders can be printed for customers to check deliveries and record any damage to goods

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