Gloucestershire moves to multi-agency collaboration for children’s services

Gloucestershire County Council's has joined up its children's services in a five-year contract with Liquidlogic.

Gloucestershire County Council has joined up its children's services in a five-year contract with Liquidlogic.

The council will deploy the company's integrated children's system Protocol and Common Assessment Framework (eCAF) to improve the effectiveness of early interventions for children and young people.

The two systems provide single data entry, with built-in process maps for user navigation. It is due to go live in November.

Some 1,600 social care and health practitioners from multiple agencies, including education, health, police and youth services, as well as the council's Children and Young People's Services, will use the system.

"Having user-friendly systems in place will have a real impact on staff morale, retention and recruitment, which can only help to improve the quality of care our children's services teams deliver," said Peter Harwood, project manager at Gloucestershire County Council.

The move is part of the council's focus on collaboration between multiple agencies, which has seen its Children and Young People's services join with Health Services, said Harwood.

"Looking ahead, we may use this to join up with other local authorities," he added.

Photo: Bec Parsons

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