AARNet calls on Government for network investment

The education and research network AARNet has called on increased funding into research network infrastructure.

Australian research and education networks require Government investment into infrastructure if the country is to remain a competitive innovator.

So says the Australian research and education network AARNet.

AARNet chief executive Chris Hancock said: "Research and education are the critical enablers of an innovative environment and AARNet is calling for the Federal Government to continue to invest in our network to ensure that all Australian researchers and educators have equitable access to high-speed Internet."

"The government's continued investment in improving and developing the network infrastructure of the research and education community will ensure that Australia continues to be an innovative country, a clever country."

The organisation said it had addressed the Review of the National Innovation System – an initiative of the Department of Innovation, Industry, Science and Research – and raised the problem of ‘last mile issues’.

AARNet reportedly told the initiative that the organisation needs to “seamlessly connect researchers, educators and students from their homes with the same facilities they would have at major metropolitan campuses”.


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