Tandberg's multipoint telepresence presents

Merri Mack reports on Tandberg joining the telepresence club, with the launch of its Experia Adapative system.

With its heritage of videoconferencing, Tandberg has joined the telepresence club of Cisco and Hewlett-Packard (HP) with the launch of its Experia Adaptive telepresence system. And it's not a 'me too' system as it differentiates itself from its competitors because of its strong interoperability with standard-based video systems.

This means the Experia can communicate with many different systems whether they are other telepresence systems, videoconferencing systems or web cams. It has collaborated with HP to be able to deliver high definition (HD) telepresence to additional office environments through HP Halo Video Exchange Network (HVEN).

Telepresence and videoconferencing are gaining a good following as enterprises realise the power of telepresence and the fact that such a realistic face-to-face experience obviates the need to get on CO2-emitting transport to have meaningful communications.

Phil Siefert, country manager, Tandberg Australia and New Zealand said, "Experia is a culmination of innovative Tandberg engineering and customer feedback on how telepresence should work. It allows executives to reach colleagues in the most realistic way possible."

Siefert said, "There is a pipeline of around 30 customers in ANZ waiting for the availability of the Experia telepresence system.

"Verticals that are most interested and who already use the Tandberg videoconference systems are predominately in the education and health areas."

On saying that Siefert said, "A lot of enterprises are finding it a cost-effective way of doing their face-to-face administration and recruiting is also enabled by videoconferencing and telepresence and it accelerates decision making."

Statistics don't lie! Over half of global consumers would like to deal with an environmentally friendly company and over 80% of employees would like to work for an environmentally friendly company. It's just the way of the world and telepresence will contribute to the lowering of CO2 emissions. It's as simple as that and a great selling point.

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