Niue builds a network

The Pacific nation of Niue is upgrading its national broadband network, but asks would-be suppliers to keep their proposals under two megabytes as the island only has satellite internet access.

While Australia and New Zealand go through their respective legislative imbroglios over national telecoms policy, near-neighbor Niue is also tendering for a new national network.

Niue is a small island in the Pacific that boasts a population of just 1300 and is dependent on New Zealand for its defense (and many financial) needs.

The island nation has recognised that its "ICT network is struggling to provide a relevant service into the future." Happily, "A solution has been developed to address these issues and provide a solid foundation for the future."

That solution comprises a "digital microwave radio trunk system with copper to homes and businesses on the eastern side, which allows WiFi and GSM to be bolted on." The solution also calls for "IP based switching and deployment of ADSL to allow voice and data traffic to share the same Telecom Niue copper circuit."

Further enhancements to the island's infrastructure include a new backup earth station antenna, and the tender also calls for a VHF radio-borne warning system to reach eight locations.

The desired ADSL system will offer:

  • RADIUS/BRAS Server for Billing, Authentication and QoS
  • 48 Port mini-DSLAM ADSL2 minimum(1 unit)
  • 8 port mini-DSLAM(8 units)
  • -48VDC/230VAC power option
  • 19” Rack Mountable(not necessary)
  • Ethernet switches for the DSLAM units
  • Options for 100, 250 and 500 ADSL
    • Line filters
    • Modems (ADSL2+)
    • Modem / router combinations for up to 4 ports and wireless access (ADSL2+)

Unfortunately, suppliers are being asked to supply equipment only: the tender does not make a request for technicians to visit the island to install the systems.

Suppliers will also need to take care not to prepare overly-elaborate proposals, as the tender requests that  "Email files need to be kept to less than 2Mb as Niue has a satellite connection to the internet."

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