Movero unveils enhanced mobile computing management services

New mobile computing services align with billing and compliance technolgies

In what the supplier claims is setting a new standard for on-demand mobile, Movero Technology has launched a wireless management portal that provides a suite of mobile IT services that can be deployed by organisations of all sizes.

Movero believes that it will tap into a strong market dynamic whereby companies realise the productivity gains associated with mobile computing services. Indeed, Movero says that that mobile computing services are the most challenging component of today’s enterprise IT infrastructure.

Yet, despite the clear productivity gains that mobile computing can offer to firms, whenever new mobile computing technology is rolled out—as part of platform upgrades, rate plan changes, disconnects and suspensions—it must be accounted for on the billing side and correlated against policies and compliance issues. Generally these do not, says Movero, apply to traditional desktop IT models.

The new release is designed to rovide a complete suite of services to address procurement, hierarchical order and inventory, and expense management of all mobile devices across an enterprise, commented Melanie Gray, chief executive officer at Movero. “Organisations can leverage a best-in-class set of end-to-end [mobile computing] services and be up and running and seeing measurable results in weeks as opposed to months.”

Movero’s solution is delivered in a single, integrated SaaS platform enabling companies to centralise procurement and order management while making self-service available to end users. The solution requires no investment in hardware, software licenses or maintenance fees and there are no lengthy implementation cycles.

The application standardises formats across multiple carriers eliminating the need for organisations to learn multiple applications to view and generate reports. Carrier invoices are electronically loaded, normalised and audited against orders and contracts before being separated into the appropriate codes for cost allocation. Data can be shared across all departments to ensure standardisation and accuracy of reporting.

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