Proofpoint provides evidence for mobile mail archiving

Software enables firms to manage the archiving demands of mobile users according to regulatory compliance issues

Even though access to email functionality has been arguably the key driver in the uptake of mobile products and services, what has not to date been addressed adequately, says software firm Proofpoint, is the management of mobile access to mail archives.

The supplier believes that it has seen a business opportunity in addressing these issue, arguing that companies must be prepared to manage the archiving demands of mobile users especially when urgent issues arise such as time-sensitive e-discovery and regulatory compliance issues that necessitate instant access to email archives.

Explaining the rationale for the product’s launch, Andres Kohn Proofpoint’s vice president of technology said, “Just recently, Forrester Research reported that mobile workers will make up 73% of the workforce by 2012. Many of these employees will access corporate email while away from the office and companies must be prepared to manage archiving demands accordingly. [At critical times] employees will need instant access to email archives in order to meet those deadlines.”

Aiming to address these issues, the new Proofpoint Email Archiving solution is designed to allow mobile employees to utilise the archive search function directly from Microsoft Outlook Web Access. This new feature makes it simple for IT managers and email end users to locate important email messages and attachments while away from the office, using any web-enabled device supported by Outlook Web Access.

Proofpoint’s existing Outlook integration, which requires no client-side software, is claimed to enhance a search experience. The product is packaged with security in the form of an encryption tool and users can search mailboxes for historical email messages that have been securely archived and reside in Proofpoint’s data centre through Outlook Web Access.

An optional service also allows for access to email messages that have stubbed attachments, offering the ability to manage mailbox sizes by removing large attachments from Exchange while still keeping them accessible to Outlook Web Access users and thus boosting mail server performance whilst on the road.


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