Toshiba eyes business market with new laptops

Toshiba has launched a range of laptops aimed at the business...

Toshiba has launched a range of laptops aimed at the business market.

The company hopes the four products will appeal to IT managers in the public and private sectors.

The range includes the Tecra R10 aimed at senior businesspeople or as a desktop replacement, and the Portege M750, which is aimed at "mobile workers from vertical segments, including creative professionals such as architects, designers and educational staff, as well as workers in the health care sector".

The Portege A600 is aimed at a "mid-range audience", and the Portege R600, which weighs 779g, is intended to increase users' mobility.

The computers were launched at Toshiba's Mobility in Business event held this week in Zurich.

Toshiba Portege A600 Toshiba Portege M750Toshiba Portege R600

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