Professional services the key for 02 mobility

Customer satisfaction seen as the differentiator in telecoms market

As part of it strategy throughout 2008 to ‘turn customers into fans' and to help enterprise customers achieve the most from mobile technology, 02 has launched its Professional Services offering.

According to Ben Dowd, general manager corporate, SME and international sales, customer satisfaction is an area in which O2 leads its competitors and he expects the Professional Services team to drive deeper engagement with customers.

The new services department will comprise a team of dedicated mobility experts who will aim to provide customers with bespoke mobile or data solutions that address the specific needs of their business.

Beginning with exploration and recommendation, the team will assess key trends and suitable solutions for the customer’s industry. A recommendation of the mobile solutions will then be generated. Next a managed, technically-supported trial of the solutions will be implemented in order to test the applications prior to rollout and large scale implementation. This will be followed by a results analysis and ROI before the final recommendations are made.

Once the solution is proven, project plans will be confirmed and resources allocated. Dedicated project managers will be assigned to each solution and they will offer end-user training and mobile device customisation. They will also perform ongoing management of the solution.

The group is qualified to cover areas such as PRINCE 2 project management, Cisco, Microsoft, Lotus and Groupwise.

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