Harvey Nichols has ab fab integrated CRM and analysis solutions

Luxury retailer expects new systems to generate an increase in per-customer sales revenue

Harvey Nichols is enhancing the overall shopping experience for its customers by implementation of CRM and analysis solutions.


The world famous luxury retailer implemented CDC’s Pivotal CRM and CDC MarketFirst in its Birmingham , Edinburgh , Manchester and Leeds stores. It expects the systems to generate an increase in per-customer sales revenue, by first monitoring and tracking customers’ preferences and spending triggers and then translating this information into point-of-sale information for customer-facing employees.


"For us, CRM is all about empowering teams across the organisation with a strong understanding of their customers, in order to enhance the customer experience," says Martin Schofield, IT & Logistics director at Harvey Nichols. "With [the new solutions] we are empowering our marketing team with the ability to plan and execute targeted campaigns from a central point. At a more fundamental level, we are empowering our point-of-sale representatives with the information needed to provide personalised value-added services to each customer they serve."


Harvey Nichols is also expecting a stronger response to marketing campaigns as a result of creating much more focused campaigns, based on data collected on customers and their spending trends. The fully integrated system will provide the retailer with full visibility needed to measure the effectiveness of individual marketing campaigns. 


The aim is to ensure a highly personalised shopping experience and shop-floor staff will have access to a profile of key customers, including preferences such as colours and styles, as well as measurements.


The CDC Software systems are fully integrated with Harvey Nichols' current Merret sales transaction database, ITIM till interface, and FRESCA online store. Integrating these systems has brought a resource for business intelligence.  The new customer experience system incorporates records of every sale, providing the company with a historical view of transactions for each customer.  The system also allows customers to sign up and use Harvey Nichols' online store.


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