Spikesource announces SuiteTwo Web 2.0 tool for enterprise

SpikeSource has released a hosted version of SuiteTwo, which helps companies set up Web 2.0 applications.

SpikeSource has released a hosted version of SuiteTwo, which helps companies set up Web 2.0 applications.

The software application uses technologies from Six Apart for blogs, SocialText for enterprise wikis, NewsGator for RSS feeds and Visible Path for social networking.

The package is designed to support organisations when implementing Web 2.0 technologies to drive collaboration in every area of an organisation’s operations.

“Few CIOs view Web 2.0 as a passing fad, and, as a result, most are not ready to hitch their wagon to a small vendor that may not exist in three to five years, even if it might have a better technology,” said Forrester analyst Oliver Young.

“Most firms we interviewed cited integration, between both individual Web 2.0
solutions and with their overall infrastructure, as a major concern. For several organisations, integration was the most costly and time-consuming aspect of their Web 2.0 deployment.”

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