UK government in top ten on customer service

The UK government has moved up three places to ninth in Accenture’s annual government customer service league table.

The UK government has moved up three places to ninth in Accenture’s annual government customer service league table.

The table measures the way in which 22 governments deliver services to their citizens. Singapore, Canada and the US were found to be doing the best job of delivering on the promise of customer service, taking the top places.

In compiling the league table, Accenture did a survey of each country’s citizens.

Overall satisfaction with the UK government’s services is very high at 77%, said Accenture.

The UK government’s customer service outperformed all private sector businesses measured, in particular utilities and online retailers, but also banks, mobile phone companies, airlines and retailers.
Jeremy Oates, managing director of Accenture’s UK government practice said, “Last year, the UK government had just introduced the Transformational Government agenda, a strategy which aimed to provide a framework for delivering value to citizens through new technology.

“Through this action plan, we see evidence that the government has smart plans for translating its promise into practice, not least that government customer service outperformed all other private sector businesses measured.

The top ten performers in Accenture’s government league table on customer service:

1. Singapore

2. Canada

3. United States

4. Denmark

5. Sweden

6. Norway

7. Finland

8. Australia

9. United Kingdom

10. Japan

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