IT managers predict a buoyant year for IT jobs

IT managers are confident that the jobs market will continue to be buoyant this year, research by the Chartered Management Institute has revealed.

IT managers are confident that the jobs market will continue to be buoyant this year, research by the Chartered Management Institute has revealed.

The survey found that 75% of senior executives in the IT sector were confident about the year ahead, with nearly 60% giving an upbeat forecast for the prospects of IT.

Most IT managers believe that employment levels are unlikely to fall in 2007, and managers in some regions, particularly Wales, expect employment levels to increase.

About 14% of IT managers plan to change jobs over the next year, which is higher than the average UK staff turnover rate of 12% and a further indication of the buoyancy of the IT sector.

The survey found that IT managers were focusing strongly on training, with 24% planning to attend training courses or enrol in further education.

And 16% of IT managers plan to learn a foreign language, in recognition of the growing need for international collaboration.

IT managers were generally confident about the prospects for their organisations, with 24% expecting productivity to improve.

However, many IT managers said that rising business taxes, increasing inflation and rising interest rates would affect business performance.

"When the past year has been littered with concerns about skills shortages and the knock-on impact on UK performance and productivity, it is encouraging to see such high levels of confidence about the year ahead," said Jo Causon, director at the Chartered Management Institute.

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