Borland updates life cycle management products

Borland Software has launched a new Lifecycle Quality Management (LQM) suite.

Borland Software has launched a new Lifecycle Quality Management (LQM) suite.
The new software is designed to offer integrated asset and liability management, linking business requirements to code and how it is tested.

The aim is to help IT departments produce software that meets business requirements as well as eliminating defects from the code.

The suite includes a new developer test and defect prevention system, Gauntlet, which builds quality checks into existing development tasks.

Gauntlet works with existing software configuration management systems to analyse code and isolate problem coding before it affects other areas.

The package also includes Borland’s SilkCentral Test Manager, a web-based test management system that supports all stages of the software quality lifecycle from planning, test management, execution and reporting of automated and manual testing activities.

The new product launch follows Borland’s $100m (£52m) acquisition of Segue Software in April. The acquisition of Segue, a specialist in software quality and testing, formed part of Borland’s plan to refocus on its application lifecycle management business.

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