Next move: How do I get a UK job after 20 years abroad?

The question: How do I get a UK job after 20 years abroad?

The question: How do I get a UK job after 20 years abroad?

I recently returned to the UK after 20 years overseas. I have 35 years' experience in IT, including business analysis, project management, international IT strategy, CIO etc. I have co-written a book on database modelling and continue to work with experts in information modelling and requirements engineering. My IT career followed 12 years in the RAF, in radar and flying.

I am 65, in excellent health, with a home office. How do I best approach the UK market to get a job or assignment that makes use of my experience and expertise?


The solution: Focus on a particular area or competency

What do you really want to do? You obviously have many skills covering a wide spectrum, but to find your ideal job, being clear about the area you want to work in will narrow down your search.

Specialising by competency, eg project management, or by sector, eg radar technology, would be one way to create a more focused approach.

The web is full of information, covering full-time, part-time and contract opportunities. There are numerous companies that, based on criteria you specify, will send daily e-mails of job vacancies. These include specialist websites for particular sectors.

Your contacts made during your 35 years in the industry will be numerous. Ask those you are regularly in touch with if they are aware of any opportunities in their companies that would benefit from your expertise. The experts you have been working with may also be aware of openings or could make introductions to their network of contacts.

Seminars, business events and recruitment fairs will give you the chance to introduce yourself to a wide range of businesses. There are also internet business contact networks such as

Solution by Kathryn Proudlock, life coach at No Limits Coaching

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