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CMS is an award-winning Engineering Service Provision company specialising in the supply of high quality customer orientated engineering services to various industries.

CMS is an award winning Engineering Service Provision company specialising in the supply of high quality customer orientated engineering services to various industries. Its field force supports tens of thousands of X-Ray machines, cash machines, dry cleaning systems, as well as analogue and digital photo systems around the United Kingdom.

The company was founded in 1985 employs 200 staff, of whom approximately 130 are on the road.

Customer requirements

CMS field engineers are distributed throughout the country and the company’s business depends on servicing equipment that is in constant use by consumers and professionals. Rapid and clear communication has always provided a challenge to CMS. Engineers need to spend as much time servicing equipment on customer premises and as little time finding out which premises to go to. 

The engineers are also cross trained to maintain and repair a range of equipment, from medical photographic machines to dry cleaning technology. They therefore need access to detailed and visual engineering guidance to help them solve complex problems on site.

In the past, CMS relied on mobile phones and, more recently, a separate fleet of BlackBerry® devices. But the company needed streamlined infrastructure that would give engineers a single voice and data device and that would link those devices securely to the company’s administrative system.

Mobile Solution

CMS opted to partner with Orange to roll out BlackBerry 7290™ devices to all field workers. The devices connect seamlessly with the company’s Unicom Service Management System, allowing engineers to access company and customer information via a secure web browser. The BlackBerry 7290 combines phone and data functionality.

Customer Benefits
Before the system was in place, engineers would have to wait for phone calls from call centre staff, directing them to each assignment. Today, they can chose their next assignment from the list of priorities and, once on site, download  graphical information and data such as colour images to help them repair  machinery and identify the right technical fixes. They can also order spare parts to be delivered to customer premises or to restock their vans.

The BlackBerry solution from Orange ensures that CMS engineers can control assignments while on the road without needing to contact head office from opening to closing. By filing completion statements on site, administrative paper work is triggered immediately. As a result, customers can receive confirmations or invoices within minutes of a machine being serviced.

On deployment of the company’s Unicom system, CMS saw an overnight 33% increase in site visits as a result of improved mobilisation of the workforce. Now that field staff can access information on demand, CMS has also reduced its call centre staff from 20 to three. Meanwhile, customers are more satisfied by an increase in ‘first time fix’ rates, and more timely repair of their machines.

“We moved to Orange from another operator because the BlackBerry solution from Orange was more advanced, more competitively priced and supported by superior customer service. Orange will replace a faulty BlackBerry in 24 hours and reconfigure it wirelessly. Whenever I call 158, they pitch their advice at my level of knowledge. Orange understands that our business depends on our communications network working without fault, in the same way we understand how our customers rely on the speedy repair of their machines.” 
Tim Pilgrim, Head of IT, CMS (GB)
BlackBerry Wireless Handheld™
Orange offers the BlackBerry Wireless Handheld™ as part of its extensive mobile device portfolio.  Getting started requires a simple installation of a BlackBerry Enterprise Server™ at the customer site that enables secure mobile access over Orange’s GPRS network. 
“BlackBerry from Orange provides a secure and comprehensive way of exchanging information and complex data. It is vital in keeping an enterprise’s distributed workforce communicating in real time and allows companies to transform productivity and customer satisfaction.” 
Shaun Orpen, marketing director,  Business Solutions, Orange

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