BlueArc unveils latest Nas box

BlueArc has unveiled its Titan SiliconServer, a modular network storage product that scales in such a way that a single file...

BlueArc has unveiled its Titan SiliconServer, a modular network storage product that scales in such a way that a single file system can grow up to 256Tbytes. 

BlueArc said Titan seamlessly integrates into its Silicon Information Network, a management framework that provides a single point of control for global storage assets. This unified data infrastructure is said to simplify management and allows administrators to increase or partition data storage to meet changing business needs.

Remote office data can also be consolidated into a central data pool using BlueArc's Remote Data Acceleration technology.

Basic Titan delivers 5Gbps throughput and can scale to 20Gbps with a single modular upgrade. This enables customers to scale user or application load capabilities.

Accelerated Data Copy technology allows non-intrusive backup and replication between tiers of storage, eliminating back-up windows.

Titan's hardware-based Silicon File System supports file systems up to 256Tbytes and uses Virtual Volumes to partition data logically for users, groups or departments across the enterprise. Storage administrators can expand and contract storage allocations to meet changing needs.

This reduces storage management issues, and eliminates the downtime associated with other storage systems during data migration and reallocation, said BlueArc.

The company said Titan's Silicon File System reduces metadata search speed, delivers low latency and maintains performance levels as capacity increases, allowing customers' file sets to grow into the trillions and support up to 60,000 concurrent users.

Titan is available immediately, starting at £35,000.

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