Sun forced to cut jobs to meet financial targets

Sun Microsystems is to cut 1,080 jobs from its 36,068 workforce. The company did not say which business units would be affected.

Sun Microsystems is to cut 1,080 jobs from its 36,068 workforce. The company did not say which business units would be affected.

Sun said the layoffs are needed for it to meet its 2004 goals of growing revenue, improving profitability and increasing shareholder value, while continuing to invest in the development of technologies to solve complex network computing problems. 

"This strategic realignment is an ongoing business practice that allows us to allocate resources to meet the highest priorities of the business," Sun said. 

The company said most of the changes will occur this quarter, although some units will still have layoffs in its second and third quarters. 

"Sun remains committed to driving operational efficiency and, in doing so, must continually review, monitor and respond to changing business priorities by evaluating organisation, workforce, projects, product strategies and cost structures," the company said in a statement. 

This is the third round of layoffs for Sun since October 2001, when it reduced its workforce by 3,900. Last November, Sun cut another 4,400 jobs.

Linda Rosencrance writes for Computerworld

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