Netegrity teams up with Business Layers on provisioning

Netegrity, an identity and access management company, will license provisioning components of Business Layers' eProvision...

Netegrity, an identity and access management company, will license provisioning components of Business Layers' eProvision Software.

The Business Layers components will be integrated with Netegrity's identity management products, which include IdentityMinder, in two phases, with the first release scheduled for the first quarter of 2003 and another later this year.

Netegrity and Business Layers will market their products jointly, targeting customers who can tie both Netegrity's IdentityMinder and Business Layers' eProvision products in to user directories based on Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP), said Deepak Taneja, chief technology officer at Netegrity.

Full integration of the IdentityMinder and eProvision products will feature a common workflow, including approval processes and delegation, which is the ability to assign individuals the right to manage user accounts and responsibilities.

Netegrity introduced IdentityMinder in December. The product was built on the foundation of the company's existing SiteMinder user authentication software, adding workflow features and integrated tools to SiteMinder that help administrators create and manage user accounts in heterogenous network environments.

By using IdentityMinder, administrators can automate tasks such as those required to approve a new user, create a new user group, or change an existing user's access privileges.

The eProvision components will add a provisioning capability to the mix, so that administrators can allocate resources to employees including e-mail accounts, access to network directories, databases and applications.

In addition to setting up user accounts and access to resources, eProvision allows administrators to manage those digital identities as they change and quickly revoke access when customers or employees terminate their relationship or leave a company - a process sometimes referred to as "deprovisioning".

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