IBM bolsters WebSphere Host Integration

IBM has rolled out the latest version of its WebSphere Host Integration software.

IBM has rolled out the latest version of its WebSphere Host Integration software.

The software supports IBM WebSphere Portal, which provides access to legacy systems in a portal environment and eliminates the need for programmers to rewrite code.

Also included is a new product called WebSphere Host Access Transformation Server, which extends host applications as HTML to Web browsers and converts "green screen" terminals over to systems with a GUI. IBM hopes this improvement will reduce training costs and, potentially, increases productivity.

IBM has also rolled out Version 3.0 of the WebSphere Host Access Client Package, the major benefit of which is allowing users to expolit legacy assets from a single point of interaction for people, applications and data.

The client package includes a number of user productivity enhancements for WebSphere Host On Demand, including the ability to customise the toolbar, Adobe Systems PDF printing and macro enhancements designed to make it easier to migrate away from competitive emulation solutions.

IBM also introduced its WebSphere Host Publisher 4.0 intended to run on its zSeries of mainframes. The product includes support for WebSphere Application Server 4.0 as well as controlling legacy applications' access to both Web users and the latest Web applications.

IBM officials hope the new offerings will boost its position in the host access markets. IBM holds a 63.4% share for shipments of the Host Access market for 2000 and 2001 worldwide, according to an IDC report.

Version 3.0 of the WebSphere Host Integration Solution is available now. The Host Access Client costs $252 (£162) per user with the iSeries of the program going for $181 (£116) per user.

The Host Integration Solution costs $303 (£195) per user for the registered version, while the WebSphere Host Integration while the Concurrent version of the product costs $446 (£287) per user.

WebSphere Host Publisher for the zSeries 4.0 is priced at $75,000 (£48,914) per processor.

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