Agiliti launches remote management offering

Managed services provider (MSP) Agiliti has launched a remote management service for servers, networks and applications installed...

Managed services provider (MSP) Agiliti has launched a remote management service for servers, networks and applications installed at customer sites.

The announcement follows a similar move early last month by IBM, which announced a plan to remotely manage Web servers.

Andy Schroepfer, an analyst at market research firm Tier 1 Research, said IBM and Agiliti are among the first in what he expects will be a wave of vendors to offer "facilities-free data centre services" this year.

"Almost every MSP in the sector has been looking at doing this," he said.

According to Schroepfer, just 3% of US companies currently outsource all or parts of their IT infrastructures. Consequently there exists "a huge opportunity" for companies such as Agiliti that offer management services without requiring customers to move their IT equipment to hosting facilities, he said.

The concept caught the attention of AHL Services, a provider of marketing support services to large companies.

Agiliti recently began monitoring transactions and data that cross a wide-area network hub it houses for AHL. Now, Agiliti will begin monitoring servers located in AHL's Twin Cities operations centre.

AHL's desire to lower costs while retaining ownership of its equipment "played into our decision" to extend the relationship with Agiliti, said Mary Madryga, vice-president of technology at AHL.

Madryga could not specify the monthly cost savings she anticipates through the remote services agreement with Agiliti. But one of the benefits of the deal, she said, is that the remote monitoring services prevent AHL from "having to invest in infrastructure across our entire client base".

Pricing for Agiliti's services starts at $50 (£33) a month per device and increases based on the type of equipment and the level of service provided.

IBM's offering, called Services Anywhere, includes a variety of remote security, monitoring and storage management services for Web servers. Monthly fees will typically be about $25,000 (£16,330), IBM said.

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