IBM announces XML for DB2

IBM has announced plans to offer a database capable of managing objects, relational data, and XML documents

IBM has announced plans to offer a database capable of managing objects, relational data, and XML documents

The computing giant detailed plans to extend the core database engine currently in DB2 to include support for XML, with technologies such as new index structures that relate to XML.

While IBM has supported both objects and relational data in DB2 for some time, the addition of XML will enhance that support.

"XML gives you a very flexible model to manage all the metadata around objects," said Nelson Mattos, director of IBM's information integration group.

Mattos said that the idea is to make the core DB2 look like a relational database engine with XML capabilities from the perspective of applications looking for relational data, while making it look like an XML database with relational capabilities or an object database with relational capabilities from the perspectives of applications looking for those data types.

To that end, support for the XQuery standard means that an XML application only needs to know XQuery to get at data residing in DB2.

Mattos added that although this technology won't be in a forthcoming version of DB2 that is slated for this spring, later this year IBM will make an early version available.

Brett MacIntyre, vice president of the content and information integration software group at IBM, said that content management, including the combination of structured and unstructured data, is at the core of the next wave of data management.

"For us, it's about how we can put more room between us and Oracle and Microsoft," MacIntyre said.

IBM is taking a more distributed approach to data management, MacIntyre said. "Not everything can fit inside the database," he said.

Furthering its distributed approach to data management, IBM is planning to launch a new version of its Content Manager software in the second quarter of this year.

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