CrimTrac picks SharePoint 2007 for "secure extranet"

CrimTrac, the government agency charged with helping law enforcement organisations to share information, wants a new secure extranet.


, an Australian government agency charged with providing "national information sharing solutions to support the effective operation of police services and law enforcement agencies across state and territory borders," will do so with a new "secure extranet" built on Microsoft SharePoint Server 2007, according to a request for expressions of interest issued yesterday.


The agency says the project's aims are :

"... to provide an improved solution to the Agency‟s current Portal. Continuing to supply an entry point for all current and future Agency online applications and also supporting the secure sharing of documents between authorised policing and law enforcement agencies in real time.

This solution will replace the current administration product with MOSS 2007, provide the opportunity to refresh the content, improve collaborative services provided using the MOSS tool set, and the capability to integrate with a range of Microsoft and non-Microsoft technologies."

The new extranet will replace the agency's current tools, which CrimTrac describes as "a secure online environment used to share information between the Agency and authorised law enforcement agencies" and which current hosts "... roughly 12,000 shared documents and provides authorised users access to various Agency applications, along with access to the test and training environments for such applications."

The tender also says that SharePoint 2007 is already used within CrimTrac. Little mention is made of just how CrimTrac proposes to secure the extranet, although Active Directory is mentioned as a tool to assign users access rights while an "authentication server" using indeterminate technologies is also present and regulates access to applications.

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