"Sectors" - GDrive details revealed

This week's roundup of storage blogs includes possible details of Google's storage-as-a-service play.

G-drive on the way

Google’s long-anticipated cloud storage play, G-Drive, is just around the corner according to Phil Sim’s “Squash” blog.

Sim says:

“Google Web Drive will be a client application, not dissimiliar to something like SugarSync. This will be the application that you will use to sync your various folders to your Google web drive. Users will have a public folder and also the ability to create shared folders.  There will also be a photos album that will load files directly into Picasaweb. You’ll also have the ability to undelete files and restore previous revisions. In other words, its going to match feature-for-feature all of the other syncing products on the market today.”

Phil’s got plenty more details in an extensive post!


Atempo sounds a bit like the kind of cobbled together name one might expect from a US Secretary of State. But we’re mentioning it here because of a disgruntled user’s thoughtful post about Atempo’s “Time Navigator” backup software and some scenarios in which you might consider using it. Here's the first scenario:

The cold, unyielding barrel of a Pakistani-knockoff AK47 is pressed against your nostril. Gently but unmistakably bending your nose out of shape. An out of focus figure at the business end of the Kalashnikov shouts: “Use Time Navigator, or we light your head up”

Here’s an idea we could use

Kevin Rudd is pouring cash into Australians’ pockets. But in the USA, the government seems to be ladling out cash in ways that will help the storage industry, at least if the Zerowait High Availability Blog is to be believed.

A nice problem for someone else to have

Sun employee Greg Secrist, meanwhile, does something nice this week: he admits that ILM is a concept, not a technology. Then things get weird as he tries to deliver a complex project.


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