3Com's SAN push stalls

3Com's plan to push into storage has stalled, with localisation of its SAN on the back burner.

Networking vendor 3Com, which in October 2007 told SearchStorage.com.au that it intended to enter the Australian storage market, has backed off its plan to enter the Australian storage market.

The company offers an iSCSI SAN in China that it has said it intends to bring to other markets.

"At the moment we are still adapting the product for international requirements," said Peter Chai, the company's Vice-President and General Manager for Asia Pacific.

Mr. Chai admimtted that the delays 3Com may be late to market but said "We would rather get it right before we release it, rather than rush to market," but promised the device, when it emerges, will be "fairly affordable" and will be tuned for the needs of the video surveillance market.

The delays to the storage devices come on top of the collapse of 3Com's planned merger with Huawei, the washup of which is detailed in this podcast.
(3Com segment starts close to the four minute mark, storage discussion at 13:00)



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