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Essential guide: What the EU Data Protection Regulation changes mean to you

This guide lays out what the new European Data Protection Regulation means for European businesses. Find news, features, tips and videos on the European Data Protection Regulation.


With the new European Data Protection Regulation on the way you will need to keep up to date on the intricacies of the new data protection law.

This guide offers you news, tips, features and videos on the new regulation and how it may affect you and your organisation.

Essential Guide What the EU data protection regulation changes mean to you

1EU data protection overview-

What is the EU data protection regulation?

In January of this year the European Commission revealed a draft of its European Data Protection Regulation to replace the previous Data Protection Directive. The Data Protection Directive is a European Union Directive, which was created to regulate the progression of personal data within the European Union. Officially known as the Directive 95/46/EC the legislation is part of the EU privacy and human rights law. The aim of the new European Data Protection Regulation is to harmonise the current data protection laws in place across the EU member states. The fact that it is a “regulation” instead of a “directive” means it will be directly applicable to all EU member states without a need for national implementing legislation.


EU data protection regulation news


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EU data protection regulation tips


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