Why didn't we celebrate the 40th Birthday of the Internet?

Is it because most of the closed community which controls the Internet wish to avoid taking responsibility for their actions/inaction by pretending it is an immature but precocious child?

Why does each generation of technology devotees feel compelled to repeat the mistakes of the last one – like teenagers discovering sex?

The Internet is over forty years old. Its transition from laboratory to mass market took about the same time as the Motor Car or Radio. Its impact is no more and no less.

Meanwhile its devotees commonly display all the maturity of Patsy Stone and Edina Monsoon in Absolutely Fabulous 

Almost exactly nine years ago, in an article published after the burst of the Dotcom Bubble, I commented on the need to re-learn some of the business principles of the early part of the last century and quoted Henry Ford’s four business principles.

My conclusion was “The New Economy is not new. A 1000 year old Gaelic Proverb loosely translates as: “Wealth is created when one man produces what another wants, whether it be a sword or a song”, Recovery from the tech stock market crash … depends on packaging technology to meet customer needs, not aksing customers to adapt to technology.”  

P.S. While hunting the link for that article I googled myself and Henry Ford and came across one of the sites carrying essays for students to copy and found that another of the articles I wrote for the IMIS journal was the basis for their model essay on E-Commerce. Be very afraid of what the next generation is reading.