Who is winning the Broadband war? BT, Sky, Virgin or the Altnets

BT claims to have achieved a 71% share of new broadband customers  in the most recent quarter. But Thinkbroadband reports the number as 177,000 of which only 130,000 were new to BT. The difference appears to include many of the 120,000 upgrades. Meanwhile the number of BT’s new TV customers is 97,000 customers, excluding upgrades. So it seems that not all the new customers are taking up the TV services, however cheap the offer. 

Meanwhile, Sky is said to have added 144,000 new customers in the same quarter.

The loser is Talk Talk, said to be down 101,000 users, 95,000 of them as a result of the well-publicised breach,   

I was not able to find figures for Virgin, but where “pure fibre” is on offer it appears that players like Gigaclear and Hyperoptic are giving customers a significantly cheaper service and thus achieving a take-up that gives investors a significantly faster payback than BT’s stated 15 years.

But that is only part of the story. Mobile and wifi now account for over half the traffic: from sport and pornography to shopping and gossip. We should therefore be factoring in services like the 4G infrastructure installed by Arqiva in Canary Wharf and elsewhere. Hence the significance of teh takeover by BT of EE.