Order now to avoid 300% price hike in on-line IT training fees

On June 14th the introductory offer of £95 for a years subscription to the e-Skills National Skills Academy for IT come to an end and the price rises to £359, although there will be discounts for multiple subscriptions.

This is great opportunity for London employers who are planning to use the extended summer break (caused by the Olympic lockdown) to ask their employees to undertake distance learning to upgrade their skills. It is similarly invaluable for those in the public sector who know, or fear, their jobs will end after the Olympic “work from home”.
The package will remain incredible value for money, even after the price rise. At this point I should declare an interest in that I have just agreed to help the creation of the Security stream, including recruiting employers to help ensure the frameworks and contents keep pace with their evolving needs.

If any of you would like to help with inputs on the information security skills you want for own employees, now or in the future, please let me know. I am equally interested in material on when and how you want those skills delivered – albeit I do not know of anyone currentiy working on skills implants, let alone a combination of soma and sleep learning 

The best on offer is likely to be a network of Universities offering local on-line access to just-in-time modules. This will hopefully come out of the EURIM meeting that I chaired last week to bring universities, security vendors and employers together to discuss sutainable models for helping populate the evolving skills frameworks on which the e-Skills employer panels are likely to agree.  


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