Is this a scam - how would I know?

Today I visited the Washington Post website for my daily “Security Fix” from Bernie Krebs. Today it was “Eight tips for Safe Online Shopping” . Then my eye was caught by an an ad “Unemployed Mom makes £47 an hour (Online)”. So I clicked, after all it was the Washington Post, surely it can be trusted, and came up with this .   

“Millions of people working from home, but no worries, working from home is the way to go” 

I did not click on “Google UK Income” because the wording of the article was so close to some of the mule recruitment scams doing the rounds to which I referred recently . Perhaps it is genuine. But I had just come from a meeting at which one of the speakers said that the latest round of scams involves the temporary hi-jacking of trusted websites.

Is my reaction paranoia or is it an example of the cost of the erosion of trust.