Women in IT - is it time to man up?

Earlier this month I attended the Everywoman in IT Leadership Academy to learn how to present myself as a strong and independent women in the workplace.

Half way through the morning panel discussion about restless transition, one of the women on the panel used the phrase “man up.”

The throw-away term really made me realise that as much as we struggle to abandon typical gender stereotypes in favour of equality, some things are so embedded in the fabric of our society it seems almost impossible to shake them.

The discussions of the day also focussed a lot on self-promotion – something that men do a lot of, but that women are often afraid to do.

Men tend to be a lot more adept at speaking out about their achievements, exaggerated or not, which can often lead to them getting further ahead in the business world than women. So despite the phrase “man up” representing a cliché we are desperately trying to leave behind, perhaps that’s exactly what we need to do to get ahead.