How government funding cuts are impacting women. The backlash continues.

Following my post last week about the funding cuts for the UK Resource Centre for Women in Science, Engineering and Technology, Clare Grant from the women in mobile data association has got in touch.

She quotes some interesting stats about the benefits of hiring women:

– Venture-backed companies run by a woman had annual revenues 12% higher than those of men

– Women in top management boast returns on equity 35% higher than peers

– Women in top management boast total return to shareholders 34% higher

Read her full comment here.

The Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET) has also voiced concern about falling government support for efforts to increase the number of women in engineering. See the article in The Engineer.

In another article I read recently in HRZone, a charity warned government plans to save £38bn by bringing forward the age at which workers can claim a state pension will hit women and the most disadvantaged in society hardest.

In addition to the damage all of this will cause to the development of women’s careers in STEM industries, it seems shortsighted to cut funds that contribute to industries the government have repeatedly said are essential to the UK economic recovery.

As Grant puts it, “It would seem that on the one hand the government is encouraging innovation and technology growth, but on the other it is taking away the tools to innovate.”

Get in touch with the Women in Mobile Data Association here.

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