Car insurers have made men and women equal. Can the IT industry do the same?

The European Court of Justice’s recent ruling on car insurance means gender can no longer be used a metric by insurance companies to set premiums.

And some people are unhappy about the implications.

The main argument is that, in terms of risk assessment, research has shown that women have fewer accidents than men and so should have cheaper car insurance. Or women live longer than men so

You could probably prove all kinds of things if you compared men and women in research. Ultimately, if you’re a safe driver, you’ll still get cheap insurance regardless of whether you’re a man or woman, young or old.

With all the recent talk of female quotas for boardrooms after Lord Davies’s report and a consistent focus on the percentage of women in the tech industry, the IT sector is almost moving in the opposite direction to car insurers by drawing attention to gender differences.

I agree that girls need female IT role models to aspire them into IT careers. Perhaps there should be a greater focus on the women in IT rather than the lack of women in the industry.

Consistently highlighting the low number of women in the IT industry simply reinforces that IT is not a popular career choice for women. How well will schoolgirls respond to that?

Would we be better off ditching gender percentages or do we need to proactively work to encourage women into IT departments and boardrooms?