Capability Jane webinar on part time and flexible senior roles in tech this Tuesday

If you attended Computer Weekly’s Top 25 Most Influential Women IT event this year, you will be well aware of one of great speakers Sara Hill from Capability Jane.

Capability Jane are holding a free webinar: working part-time in senior roles in technology this coming Tuesday.

Join Sara and the Capability Jane team online, Tuesday 15th at 12.30pm, where they will be discussing working part-time and flexibly in senior roles in technology.

The practical webinar is aimed at individuals interested in moving to or currently working in a part-time or flexible role in technology.

The 45 minutes will focus on the importance of being able to work part-time and flexibly in senior technology roles. It will look at real examples and practical ways that this can be made to work effectively.

About the webinar Capability Jane says: “The world of work is changing. For many the standard model of working nine to five is becoming less realistic. Increasingly people want to work more flexibly in order to fit in with other life commitments. Our research shows that 80% of women in senior technology roles want the ability to work part-time at some point in their careers and 52% of men consider the ability to work flexibly or part-time critical factors when considering the next career move.

“Capability Jane are driving the take up of part-time and flexible working in senior technology roles. The team help organisations to implement flexible, part-time and job share arrangements in senior roles, recruit high calibre talent for flexible and part-time positions and supporting individuals to design or find high quality part-time roles in technology.”

 If you are interested in this webinar you can REGISTER HERE.